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If you're looking for a scientifically-proven way to control hunger, look no further! The revolutionary Portion Controller™ will stop your cravings, flatten stubborn belly fat, and help you look your best.

Proper Belt Positioning is Extremely Important

Finger Width

The belt bubble should be worn exactly one finger width above the navel.

Your Stomach Should Be Empty

Position your belt when hungry or after you have showered in the morning. If you apply the belt on a full stomach, you will not be able to locate your "fullness spot." This may also result in discomfort or pressure, rather than a feeling of fullness. Remove for showers and at bedtime.

If you have just eaten a meal, wait four hours before positioning your belt. You must be hungry in order to gauge your fullness spot.

How to Position The Portion Controller™ Properly

Portion Controller™ Step 1

Place the front plate of The Portion Controller™ with the bubble against the skin, one finger width above the navel and press it with both hands on the sides of your stomach. DO YOU FEEL FULL? If not, press it further into the stomach. Do not tilt the plate. If you feel full, you have located your fullness spot. Note – If you have a large stomach and have not found your fullness spot, strap the support belt over it and adjust it until you feel full.

Portion Controller™ Step 2

Tighten The Portion Controller™ over your fullness spot to your level of comfort. It should be tight, but not uncomfortably so. If you did not find your fullness spot, move the front plate a bit higher or a bit lower and strap the support belt over it until you feel FULL.

Portion Controller™ Step 3

Your skin should overlap slightly above the front plate. The front plate should NEVER TOUCH THE RIBCAGE. If it does, you have placed it too high. Do not allow a gap to appear above the front plate – if it does, rotate it to the opposite side and tighten the strap some more.

Portion Controller™ Step 4

If you have a large stomach or if the front plate keeps sliding up, strap the support belt over it. Adjust and tighten both every morning. In no time, you will start LOSING BOTH POUNDS AND INCHES!

Join the weight loss Revolution with Portion Controller

*This national offer does not include New York state residents. If you are a resident of New York state, please call 1-800-998-6421 for a free consultation and fitting of the Portion Controller. Most insurance plans accepted. We have two centers in New York that accept most insurance plans.

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