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The Revolutionary New Portion Controller™ Allows for Effective Weight Loss Without Any Dieting

Published: January 2, 2013

Can Losing Weight be as Simple as Wearing a Belt?

The Portion Controller™ is a unique, scientifically-designed weight loss belt that allows you to feel pleasantly full and helps prevent overeating and stretching of the stomach. This patented, breakthrough product stops hunger almost instantly and has virtually no side effects, as it can be removed at any time.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), during the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States and those rates remain high. In 2012, more than one-third of all adults in the country are considered overweight. Most medical studies have indicated that it is not necessarily what we eat that causes weight gain, but the amount. The Portion Controller™ helps you feel fuller more quickly, allowing you to eat smaller portions. Designed with lap band surgery in mind, the belt works in a similar manner. It compresses stomach to instantly “shrink” it, without the wearer having to undergo any dangerous or irreversible procedures.

But wait! There's more...

We know what you are thinking – this sounds like one of those made-up products on those fake infomercial ads. Can something this simple and seemingly silly really work? Actually, it can. Studies conducted by Garrow and Gardiner (British Medical Journal, Volume 282, 1981) and Dr. Allan Geliebter from The New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center confirm that compression of the stomach activates gastric receptors and alters food intake. Such receptors are then able to signal the appetite center of the brain that the stomach is full.

"I was skeptical, but I ordered The Portion Controller™ for both my teenage daughter and me," said Mimi K. of Colorado. "I lost seven pounds the first week and my daughter lost five. We were so happy we could still eat our favorite foods and not have to worry about dieting or counting calories."

Easily concealed under clothing, the non-electric Portion Controller™ is placed on in the morning before breakfast and removed for showers and before bedtime. It must be fitted one fingertip above the navel to be effective and comfortable. You should be able to eat all the foods you normally would. No special diet or workout is required – though light exercise is always recommended.

"The Portion Controller™ is an awesome product," says Amanda W. of Montana. "Once you feel it on your stomach, you won't want to take it off. It feels like a weight control organ we all should’ve been born with!"

For a free consultation and fitting of The Portion Controller™, please call 1-800-998-6421.

Join the weight loss Revolution with Portion Controller

*This national offer does not include New York state residents. If you are a resident of New York state, please call 1-800-998-6421 for a free consultation and fitting of the Portion Controller. Most insurance plans accepted. We have two centers in New York that accept most insurance plans.

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