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Studies conducted by Garrow and Gardiner (British Medical Journal, Volume 282, 1981) and Dr. Allan Geliebter from The New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center confirm that compression of the stomach activates gastric receptors and alters food intake. Such receptors are then able to signal the appetite center of the brain that the stomach is full. Thus, patients eat less and lose weight.

View the published study by Dr. Allan Geliebter from Columbia University Obesity Research Center in the American Journal of Physiology 1986. Dr. Geliebter was able to prove that by using a blood pressure cuff, the pressure on the abdomen helped patients reduce daily food intake.

Unlike any other medical device, the patented Portion Controller™ compresses the stomach specifically in the exact spot that triggers fullness. It instantly shrinks the stomach cavity, yet is still comfortable to wear on a daily basis. By controlling daily food intake, the device prevents weight fluctuations, enabling permanent weight loss in many patients.

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*This national offer does not include New York state residents. If you are a resident of New York state, please call 1-800-998-6421 for a free consultation and fitting of the Portion Controller. Most insurance plans accepted. We have two centers in New York that accept most insurance plans.

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